Where's your team on its ITSM journey?

Lenny Whitehead
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Lenny Whitehead
July 3, 2023

Our Atlassian experts have recently collaborated and supported WA Government agencies and leading resources companies to enhance their IT Service / Help Desk delivery and operations, using Jira Service Management as a solution. 

“Our experience shows that a sustainable and effective help desk begins with teams at the centre and combines strong culture, proven practices, and collaborative tools to help IT and all teams achieve their full potential,” commented our Interfuze Atlassian lead, Lenny Whitehead.

“If you’re keen to find out where your IT and business teams are with your service management journey, we invite you to take our 5 mins service management quiz - developed together with the team at Atlassian - to assess performance across IT delivery, operations, and support.” 

Take the quiz: 

What’s behind the rise of ITSM?

Enterprise Service Management – often referred to as ESM – is the extension of IT Service Management (ITSM) practices to service teams across an organization. While departments like HR and facilities have long offered internal resources and support to other teams, they’ve recently begun applying service management structure to their work. 

Forrester explains that extending service management from IT to more business-centric use cases typically involves “managing service demand and supply through a common platform, portal, and service catalog; and speeding up innovation and workflow automation through PaaS/low-code development tooling.”

For instance, teams that receive a high volume of employee requests, like HR responding to policy questions or legal providing contract support, are embracing service request management to advance beyond providing ad hoc support via email and phone and focus more on what matters. 

An events team that finds something wrong with a venue could follow incident and problem management practices to rapidly resolve the issue, and later determine the root cause of it. A content team trying to launch a new webpage may adapt the change management approach that Dev and Ops teams use when pushing changes to code. 

Jira Service Management as an instant ITSM platform 

As mentioned above, we at Interfuze work with Jira Service Management to help IT and business teams create and support exceptional software-driven experiences that are always on, for both their customers and their employees.

Built on Jira, Jira Service Management solution brings development, IT operations, and business teams together on a unified platform for better collaboration, so any team can respond to business changes and deliver great customer and employee experiences fast. 

Benefits of Jira Service Management 

Any team can get started fast 

With templates for every use case, teams can easily spin up service portals that fit their unique requirements. Set up workflows with a drag and drop editor and customize forms to collect the information you need to take action without the back and forth.

Employees can quickly get help from any team 

Meet your customers where they are - email, web, or chat - and prioritize incoming requests with queues and SLAs. Or, configure an intuitive self-service portal so your employees have one place to find help fast. 

Standardise on a platform for all teams 

Enable every team to shape processes to fit their needs, while unlocking collaboration and maintaining centralized visibility. Requests for things like software access, legal review, and facilities repairs are routed to the right teams for rapid resolution. 

Find out more and get in touch for an initial set up 

You can view our work with Jira Service Management for Roy Hill and the Department of Local Government, Sports and Cultural Industries via our JSM page.

Get in touch for an initial free consultation to ask all the questions you have before deciding if Jira Service Management is the way to go!

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