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Our partners & memberships:
Atlassian, Microsoft, Agile Alliance, Snowflake & AIDH

Partnerships for the win

Our partnerships and memberships allow our team members to continually innovate and stay to update with the enterprise and problem solving technologies of Microsoft and Atlassian whilst also ensuring that we continue to practice Agile Project Management and Delivery and best understand the needs of the industries we service.

Atlassian gold solution partner image

Atlassian Gold Partner

Interfuze is the only Atlassian Gold Solution Partner for Western Australia, and also for South Australia and Northern Territory.

Our consultants’ deep knowledge of Atlassian products, combined with our agile expertise and status as an Atlassian Gold Partner will further help WA organisations get the best value, use and return on investment on their Atlassian tools.

Microsoft Gold Partner Image

Microsoft Gold Partner

As a certified Microsoft Gold solutions provider, our consultants have been working with iconic and local WA organisations to assess their business goals, identify a solution that meets their business needs and help the business - and their teams - become more agile and efficient.

With our specialisation in Azure Cloud, we can now also help WA organisations of any size and in any industry to take full advantage of the cloud in order to open a wide array of new opportunities to grow business and revenue.

Agile Alliance image

Agile Alliance Corporate Member

As a Corporate Member of the Agile Alliance, we stand with industry leaders who champion Agile values and principles and who value creating effective, humane, and sustainable workplaces.

Our membership also ensures that all of our team members can draw on ideas and expertise from across the globe, exposing us to diverse perspectives, solutions and the latest when it comes to Agile ways of working.



Interfuze is proud to be part of the Snowflake Partner Network. Our consultants have achieved the Snowflake Technical Sales Professional (STSP) accreditation, meaning they have completed Snowflake’s partner technical sales curriculum.

This accreditation is designed to give Partner pre-sales engineers a deeper foundational knowledge of Snowflake’s Data Cloud architecture and differentiators, and positioning Snowflake’s technical capabilities and value drivers to customers.


Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) member

Interfuze is a member of the Australasian Institute of Digital Health. AIDH plays an integral part in advocating and driving change and making a real difference to healthcare in the digital world.

As members of AIDH, our Interfuze team will be able to further our passion for giving back and supporting our WA community through our work with health providers, their systems and their patients, providing modern and integrated technologies to improve efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery.