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Business Teams: If you have an Office 365 subscription, you’re one click away from building your first Power App.

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Decorative Cloud

Customisable, secure and efficient Microsoft Power Apps to make all business and IT teams happy!

All teams

For end users looking to leverage Power Apps

If you use Microsoft Office 365, you might have seen a "Power Apps“button on your dashboard...

...that’s how close you are to starting your journey with Power Apps! Microsoft’s solution for end users needing just a little custom development to reach their goal. With Power Apps easy drag and drop interface, you don’t need to be an expert to create simple – but useful - forms and flows.

Of course with the right help, you can take this to the next level. But when you’re struggling to get that help from your over worked IT department, Power Apps will get you over the line.

Or call us! We’ll work with you and your IT department to get youPower App’ing your way to “app freedom”!

it teams

For IT departments looking to grow and protect Power Apps

Learn about Power Apps governance features such as Data Loss Policies and environment lockdown/provisioning, as well as the new Power Platform Centre of Excellence.

Let us show you how to grow and protect your Power Apps ecosystem, and work with your end users to create low code greatness without those wild west worries.

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Discover the capabilities of Microsoft Power Platform

Don’t wait months and spend thousands sending your apps off to expensive traditional IT teams. Power Apps can often produce in days what might take weeks or months using “pro code” technology.

As Power Apps is intimately integrated with your Microsoft 365 ecosystem, and comes with an easy drag and drop interface, you can get a basic secure and functional application up in no time. Even mobile enabled! And because it's you building it using Power Apps' simple drag and drop interface, there’s less chance of business requirements getting lost and more chance for you and your team to tweak the edges until you get things just right.

And with hundreds of connectors to choose from, tapping into your business’ data has never been easier. SharePoint, SQL Server, Salesforce and many more.

Microsoft Power Apps empowers you to automate manual processes and improve productivity. Get Power App’ing now and experience the joy of “app freedom”!

Interfuze's Power Apps services & capabilities

As a Microsoft Gold Partner (only the top 1% of Microsoft Partners worldwide are Gold Certified), our certified team members must constantly hone their Power Apps skills through regular training.

We are pleased to offer the following specialised Microsoft Power Apps services for our clients. These specialised services are focused on ensuring that we grow your Power App capability in a well governed and secure environment, both from a cyber and data perspective.

																		Microsoft Power Apps Enablement

Microsoft Power Apps enablement

  • Environment provisioning and configuration.

  • Supporting best practice environment and application operations, including pipelined/documented delivery.

  • Training for Power Apps users, not so much the general “how to use Power Apps” (which can be done through any training organisation) but more from the perspective of how to use Power Apps within your environment.

Microsoft Power Apps Monitoring

Microsoft Power Apps monitoring

  • Building a comprehensive view of Power Apps - who is building apps, who is running them, and who is connecting to what?

  • Monitor published apps during runtime to effectively diagnose and troubleshoot problems.

  • Monthly reporting customised to satisfy your IT Department’s monitoring needs.

Safer from cyber threats

Microsoft Power Apps governance

  • Support internal IT teams in ensuring applications are well governed with robust cyber security and data access permissions.

  • Data protection by ensuring employees only see the data appropriate for their job role.

  • Monthly reporting on usage and growth.

  • Optional regular audits and environment cleanup.

Microsoft Power Platform Integration

Microsoft Power Platform integration

  • Helping business build more advanced, integrated solutions in Power Apps, Power BI and Power Automate, using – for example – custom connectors built in a DevOps friendly manner.

Interfuze's Power Apps Services & Capabilities DesktopInterfuze's Power Apps Services & Capabilities Mobile									 Interfuze's Power Apps Services & Capabilities Tablet

See Microsoft Power Apps delivering benefits to WA businesses and organisations

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Automating line of business systems with Power Automate Integration

"The Interfuze team were a pleasure to deal with. Extremely responsive to a fast paced environment, and evolving brief. They listen, take on feedback and provide realistic solutions."

Power Apps enablement for one of WA's major health providers

The Management Team of one of WA's health providers came to Interfuze to transform the team into a responsive, agile savvy, Power Platform small applications capability.

Interfuze Microsoft Power Aps Team

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