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Custom Solutions

What we do

How we do it


Our founders have deep roots in the Agile and DevOp movements. We don’t just do Agile and DevOps. We live it.


Our consultants have significant experience in enterprise and the unique challenges these environments present.


We don’t do “techie devs”. We specifically hire and develop consultants to produce business acumen that ensures your development won't head off on a tangent.


Pair local teams with our nearshore colleagues to produce a responsive and personal capability with quality and value.


Our consultants have significant experience in enterprise and the unique challenges these environments present.


We work with companies that have revenues in the tens of million through to billions of dollars.


From Solution Architects, through to BA's and testers and of course developers, we have every skill you'll need to deliver your custom solution.


All our consultants are encouraged to develop  secondary capabilities to increase team flexibility and encourage co-operation.

Meet Some Of The Team


Junior Consultant
2 years experience
Peter is a budding developer who loves being exposed to all things new in tech. His favourite aspect of software development is finding ways to make it easier and faster for other developers to program.

In his spare time, if he’s not watching movies, Peter's working on one too many side-projects. And climbing Bluff Knoll of course!


Senior Business Analyst / Management Consultant
15+ years experience
Danielle began her consulting career as a management consultant in performance improvement and organisational change. A few years later she shifted focus to business analysis and technology. Danielle has worked across many of Perth's industries. Her favourite projects are those that improve performance through aligning strategy, people, process, technology, and data.

Out of work, Danielle loves to chill with family and friends or relax with a cup of tea and a good read.


Senior Software Consultant
20 years experience
Ben has been a full stack engineer for 20 years, developing software for a wide variety of industries and clients. His favourite projects are those that use the latest technologies to make life easier for users [aka clients!].

After hours Ben likes travelling abroad, especially to his second home in Japan.


DevOps Specialist / Agile Architect
25+ years experience
Tim started life as a developer and has since worked across the full range of SDLC roles, in a number of Perth's key industries. His favourite projects are those that provide a step change improvement to the way things are done.

In his personal life he's an experience junkie - trips abroad, camping with the kids or just a great night out with friends.

Our Work

Interfuze worked closely with AEMO as part of its DevOps capability to rollout the first of many work packages that form the W.A. government's significant WEM Reform Program.

Interfuze was engaged to develop a proof of concept to test a hypothesis that rainfall patterns and historical track washaways could be analysed to predict future washaways. Within weeks we were able to deliver a solution able to predict 93% of past washaways and gain the CEO's support for a production release.

Delivery of accelerated internationalisation and Portuguese translation of Decipher's signature product using a burst of hybrid onshore/nearshore capability.

Decipher engaged Interfuze to develop an Azure hosted and DevOps enabled data warehouse for a new consolidated reporting and Power BI dashboard requirement.

Arc Infrastructure engaged Interfuze to migrate 100+ custom applications to new SQL Server and Application server versions and instances. The need to reduce risk presented an opportunity to get on top of governance and deployments using Azure DevOps, best practice and pounds of elbow grease!

Arc Infrastructure Technology required custom software to be developed to augment functionality of the 3rd party system being rolled out. Using Agile we enabled use of this software over 1 year earlier than otherwise would have been possible.


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