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Digital technologies are changing the way we work, shop, travel and relax, how we interact with the world around us and how we design and commission our infrastructure. These technological changes bring significant opportunities for transformation in the infrastructure industry, which is set to see massive growth in coming decades with economic development and fast-growing populations leading to significant urbanisation and demands for newer infrastructure.

At the same time, the industry is facing new challenges: changing demographics; the increasing expectations of businesses, service users and the public; and the need to reduce carbon emissions and waste, which all create a dynamic and testing environment for the industry and those commissioning new projects.

Western Australia’s (WA) first State Infrastructure Strategy (Strategy) further enforces the importance of our infrastructure and sets out priorities that include the use of digital technologies and data sharing to support infrastructure planning and investment decision making. Through our current work within the WA infrastructure sector, we're excited to see IT support the industry.

Effective & efficient projects

Effective & efficient projects

by harnessing the power of cloud computing and enhanced mobile technology.

Informed investment & decisions

Informed investment & decisions

by using data analytics to predict failure and prevent problems as they arise in infrastructure,

Sustainable operations

Sustainable operations

through the use of Internet of Things to manage smart buildings, telematics to track fuel economy, and AR/VR for "build right first time" approach.

New, better, safer ways

New, better, safer ways

of doing things, which can be and is being achieved through a focus by infrastructure companies in driving digital enablement throughout the business and supply chain.

Our work with WA's infrastructure leaders

Our Interfuze Consulting team members are proud to have provided first-of-its-kind digital innovation in infrastructure and enhanced project delivery support for the following industry players:

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See digital innovation for the infrastructure sector

We are proud to share the following case studies from our digital innovation work and some transformative solutions that support the various operational, environmental, business and community goals of WA's business leaders.

Murray Cook

Murray Cook
Arc Infrastructure

"Interfuze did an outstanding job understanding a very complex business problem and then going on to develop and clearly communicate a solution with real value. The generation of washaway alerts to operational teams marks a significant achievement toward risk mitigation and safety to rail operations across the Arc Infrastructure network."

for AEMO's
WEM Reform Program

Interfuze worked closely with AEMO as part of its DevOps capability to develop pipelines ready to roll out the many work packages that make up the WEM Reform Program.

Our digital solutions for WA's infrastructure leaders

Interfuze consultants have had the opportunity to support the work of key leading infrastructure companies as they embrace digitisation of their industry. To date, we are excited to have been able to collaborate with industry leaders in delivering the following services:

Digital transformationplan & implement

Digital transformation plan & implement

We are working with some of WA's leading infrastructure contributors to help them develop a roadmap for their sustainable, measurable, effective and agile digital transformation. We then work with key project managers and/or team members to implement the roadmap, ensuring that value is always delivered rapidly, early and continuously.

Unique digital solutions

Unique digital solutions

Together with our infrastructure clients, we have had the opportunity to hypothesise and develop solutions that are inaugural in Australia. This includes our work with Arc Infrastructure to test and build both a Rail Washaway Prediction System and Automated Heat Detection System, outputting recommended speed restrictions, with wider application to the industry in general

Data governance

Data & insights

Our data experts offer a a data roadmap service & associated implementation support to guide you on your path to insights & analytics, breathing life into your data in a governed manner that keeps your data safe.

Enhanced DevOps capability

Enhanced DevOps capability

We work with teams to establish or enhance their DevOps capability. Creating pipelines that bridge the gap between software development and the business, shortening feedback loops and enabling faster time to market.

Agile project delivery

Agile project delivery

Infrastructure projects require detail and to ensure that all stakeholders and deliverables are aligned to progress each stage of delivery. Our Agile Interfuze PMs ensure early & ongoing feedback from users and work to giving the business working solutions as early as possible. We also work with technology teams to mature their delivery processes along with supporting tools such as Jira & Microsoft DevOps.

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