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We live in uncertain times. Digitisation and a wave of new technologies are giving rise to disruptive business models and cost savings at increasing pace, leaving many companies destined to become footnotes in an analogue past.

Today’s leading businesses understand that, with recent surveys quoting 90% as having digital-first strategies planned or in place.

But this new reality demands companies go further.

It demands they go beyond just being digital and develop the capability to adapt and evolve their systems in real time. And in a world where complexity is increasing and rapid change is the new normal, making that happen isn’t easy.

But we’re doing it.

Interfuze is a new breed of IT consultancy harnessing complementary advances in Agile, DevOps and the cloud to create change even we couldn’t have envisioned only a decade ago.

Some things however remain timeless. Like exceptional talent, client focus, impartial advice and pragmatic solutions, delivered professionally and without compromise.


Branden and Tim have over 50 years’ combined experience supporting the technology needs of Australia’s business community.

Together we're building a Perth consultancy that focuses on what matters most - skilled and authentic consultants producing great results for our clients.

Branden Dekenah

Managing Director

Branden is an entrepreneur and consultant working in technology, innovation, business and digital strategy.

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Tim de Boer


Tim is a Agile and technical consultant with over 20 years experience in software and solution delivery.

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Interfuze works with you to bridge the gaps between the systems that support your business. We build and assemble custom solutions to solve unique problems. And while we don’t typically install and configure third party applications we do bring those individual elements together to create end to end digital experiences tailored to your business.

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