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Our healthcare digital services

Interfuze has extensive experience working with primary health, aged care and NDIS organisations to support industry compliance, reporting and governance, which ultimately contributes to better patient care. Our health care digital services focus on:

Strategic procurement advice

We collaborate closely with our healthcare clients, offering expert advice to identify the most suitable digital solutions tailored to their unique organisational needs.

Technology translation

We bridge the gap between complex technological language and practical application, ensuring a smooth transition to our healthcare clients’ chosen digital platforms.

Integration of disparate systems

From backend databases to frontend user interfaces, we ensure a holistic approach to system integration that encompasses all facets of your healthcare applications.

Optimising legacy systems

Whether you're dealing with EHR, CRM, or other platforms, our full -stack team tailors the process to align seamlessly with your organisation's specific needs.

MS Power Apps solutions

Our MS Power Apps enablement, monitoring, governance, and integration services empower healthcare professionals to swiftly create their own no code/low code solutions.

Data and insights services

Interfuze’s data and insights team supports the creation and implementation of a plan for the delivery, the administration and control of data in a healthcare organisation.

What our health care clients say

Auscare Logo

“[Our] end goal is to be efficient, to be compliant, to be able to deliver quality service and everyone is happy. And that’s why we approached Interfuze with our technology requirements.”

Veronicah de Boer
Director, Auscare Group

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Telethon Kids Institute

“Interfuze helped us in delivering a number of enhancements to our bespoke patient management deliver a number of improvements and bug fixes to several hospitals using the application.”

Jane Makin
Telethon Kids Institute

“Grateful for the engaged and pleasant way that [Interfuze] has interacted with everyone involved, from start to finish. You’ve made it possible for the Health Information area to get something they’ve trying to get for many years.”

A large WA health provider

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Our healthcare portfolio

South West AMS
WA country Health Service
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