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Insurance & Finance

Supporting secure, effective and robust digitisation of the finance and insurance sectors

Accelerating technology trends have transformed and will continue to transform the nature of work, applications and processes within the insurance and finance sector.

As these two industries hold rich, complex customer data as part of their operations, the right and secure forms of technology will support the ability to process data (and service requests) faster and better - hence supporting customer and company growth capabilities - but also deliver the opportunity to predict and personalise products for better customer satisfaction and competitive advantage.

Through our work with some of WA's largest insurance member organisations and the latest innovators within the financial technology space, we are excited to support and deliver the IT possibilities for the insurance and finance sectors.

Better customer experience

Better customer experience

by making financial transactions and insurance claims for consumers or businesses, more accessible and generally more affordable.

Informed decision

Informed decision making

through data analytics, enabling businesses to successfully process enterprise-wide data and gain actionable business insights that help in decision making, product development, risk management, fraud detection, and more.

Faster and more agile
ways of working

Faster and more agileways of working

through application of agile methodologies and modern software or IT systems that allow for organisational visibility, effective management of product and customer service delivery and team work.

competitive edge

Continued competitive edge

through the use of predictive analytics to sort, collect and process a variety of data to help insurers and finance professionals understand and predict customer behaviour.

Digitally savy team members

Digitally savy team members

through the use of low-code configuration tools that allow business stakeholders – not justIT professionals – to design and manage applications and software using intuitive, user friendly drag and drop functionality

Our work with WA's insurance and finance providers

We are proud to have supported some of WA's leaders in the insurance and finance sectors in their digital transformation and modernisation of IT systems to support their growth and service to the wider community.


View technology innovation for the finance & insurance sectors

We are proud to share the following case study from our work with WA's leaders in the finance & insurance sectors:

RAC Insurance
Full Stack and DevOps
Support and Services

RAC Insurance has an ambitious roadmap targeted at moving from a product to member focus and increasing investment in their Digital and Data capabilities to lift their strategic capabilities. Interfuze has provided Dev and DevOps consultants over an extended period to augment RAC’s own capabilities.

Supporting the digitisation of the insurance & finance industries

Our team of software developers and project managers specialising across agile, DevOps, Azure cloud, integration and customised solutions have been working collaboratively with technologists within the insurance and finance sectors.

Modernisation of IT

Modernisation of IT systems

To take advantage of the many cost and resource savings and efficiencies that technology can bring to the finance and insurance sector, a modernisation of IT systems, processes and procedures is required. Our team has worked with some of WA's largest insurance providers to innovate their IT systems, focused on supporting better productivity, communications, and delivery of services, contributing to membership growth.

Cloud computing and

Cloud computing and solutions

The finance and insurance sectors process and work with large and complex data.To ensure secure, connected and robust application of data collection, analysis and processing, we work with companies to migrate to the Cloud using Microsoft's Azure technologies. In addition our team is also able to support the building of digital applications to help solve everyday challenges faced by the industry by leveraging cloud computing.

Data & insights

Data & insights

Our data experts offer a a data roadmap service & associated implementation support to guide you on your path to insights & analytics, breathing life into your data in a governed manner that keeps your data safe.

Enhanced DevOps capability

DevOps capabilities

We work with teams to develop and/or enhance their DevOps capability to create pipelines ready to roll out work programs, new features, update sand solutions.

Our DevOps work automates and integrates the processes between software development and infrastructure teams, ensuring that projects are deployed are delivered in an agile and secure way.

Agile project delivery

Agile project delivery

As the finance and insurance sector continues to embrace digital capabilities, we work with their teams to mature their project delivery processes from ones based on Excel and Waterfall to Agile tools that support agile methodologies - such as Atlassian's Jira.

The application of agile project delivery is often replicated for a more connected and effective way of working across business units and cross-functional teams.

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