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Our story

A WA based, owned and operated IT consultancy

Interfuze is a boutique custom solution technology consultancy. Our team advise on the pragmatic application of proven emerging technologies to provide businesses with real value.

Our leadership team have been delivering technology for over 30 years over several domains including insurance, healthcare, agriculture, mining, oil & gas, linear asset infrastructure and the electricity market.

As a whole, we offer a mix of services targeted at clients looking to solve tough digital problems or accelerate real progress in digital transformation.

We provide consultants who live in this space but just as importantly, listen to your problems, understand your business and have regard to your capabilities. This results in solutions you can understand and manage.

A WA based, owned and operated IT consultancy
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How our story began...

Branden Dekenah, Tim de Boer and Lindsey Duncan are a trio of devs who - in 2019 - decided to found a Perth technology consultancy combining a traditional business ethos with the recent transformative advances in Agile, DevOps and the Cloud. Prior to this, they all had years of experience within the Perth IT consultancy space, having worked for and led teams at Empired (now Capgemini) and Conducive.

Five years on and counting, the trio continues to:

  • Pride themselves in commercially aligned pragmatic thinking;

  • Deliver technology, focused on adding value to business; and

  • Develop and support consultants that bring technical excellence, effective communication and business sense to any engagement.

Our people

We have become an employer of choice for many IT specialists and data experts as we are committed to employing and developing smart, balanced people to solve tough problems and deliver value early.

In support of that, we have created a company that puts our culture and principles at the heart of what we do. This is encapsulated in a single document, Our Manifesto, that:

  • Defines our values and purpose;

  • Holds us accountable for how we treat our employees and explains what we expect from them;

  • Outlines our commitment to our customers, and;

  • Defines our relationships within the broader societal and business context.

Our people

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