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Tim de Boer
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Tim de Boer
September 23, 2020

Things move fast in the tech world. 

Here at Interfuze, staying on top of the new technologies shaping our industry is essential for driving innovation, accomplishing business goals and remaining competitive. This is applicable not only for ourselves but also has far reaching and positive consequences for the organisations and clients we work with. 

So how do we stay on top of the latest technologies? As a team we practice a “continuous learning” and “knowledge sharing” attitude. This helps keep everyone open to new information, innovative approaches and progressive techniques. 

One of the ways we do this is with company workshops every quarter, we recently held our September one - to learn, discover and share. Keeping up with the spirit of sharing, we wanted to share key learnings and new innovations that we’ve discovered. 

Blazing Blazors with Ben 

For the last month or so, our Senior Software Consultant, Ben Reay, has been testing a new technology called Blazor. In Ben’s words “Blazor simplifies creation of websites by using the same framework or technology that is used by the back end server side code, allowing for shared logic on the client and server side.”

More simply, Blazor is a way to create single page web applications quickly using C# and HTML.  It’s free to use and open source. 

Ben has been using Blazor to build Interfuze’s Leave Application and explained the many benefits of using Blazor technology to do this, including:

  • It is quick and easy to learn - if you are already on a .NET platform, then the learning curve for Blazor is almost flat, as the only requirement to get started with it is an understanding of the C# language and the .Net framework.
  • The code is clean and simplified compared to other web technologies. 
  • Blazor is supported on both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. This provides a great .NET development experience across multiple platforms, including Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  • Benefit from .NET's performance, reliability, and security - allows us to have a full stack .NET development experience and we can use existing .NET APIs and tools to create rich web applications.

Ben and Tim think that Blazor is the future of all UIs, it already runs on all modern browsers and Microsoft plans to have it run as a native app on your phone soon. If you want more information and a demo of Blazor, get in touch with Ben! 

Perth DevOps with Tim 

We finished our workshop learning and knowledge sharing with our very own Mr DevOps, Tim de Boer, summarising everything from the latest in our Azure DevOps work through to tips, from experience, on how to grow DevOps successfully from the ground up

Through Tim, Interfuze is a proud supporter and co-organiser of the Perth DevOps Meetup community - bringing together the Perth community of Development and Operations Professionals who are interested in DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

Watch this space as Tim shares key learnings from a recent Perth DevOps event, featuring internationally bestselling author and DevOps thought leader, Manuel Pais, on Team Topologies: organizing business and technology teams for fast flow. 

Crash course on Atlassian’s Jira and Confluence with Lindsey

As one of only two Atlassian Solution Partners in Perth, our Agile and Atlassian lead, Lindsey Duncan, keeps us fully updated on improvements and creative problem solving opportunities with Jira and Confluence. 

If you follow us on LinkedIn you might have read Lindsey’s tech tips and shares on these Atlassian tools including rolled out permissions in Confluence and how to create custom reports in Jira and Google Sheets.  Lindsey and Raj - another one of our Atlassian Partner Perth specialist - has also started implementing Jira Service Management for Perth organisations and businesses. As a Jira Expert in Perth, the capabilities of Atlassian's Service Desk is becoming more and more the popular and most cost effective solutions for many teams.

At our workshop, Lindsey also ran through an overview of Confluence and shared her top three tips on how to get started with this collaborative team workspace tool. 

Stay on top of the latest tech with us!

Want to talk more about the latest tech you’ve heard of, or looking for more information on Atlassian, DevOps, Blazor and/or digital transformation? Get in touch - we love to have a chat about all things tech. 

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