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Just as steam helped forge modern industry let Azure pipelines forge your digital future.

Over the years we’ve seen many companies transform the way they do digital through the catalyst of Azure DevOps pipelines.

Like the factories and assembly lines of the industrial revolution – pipelines provide a tangible guide around which attention, activity and ultimately, capability grow.

Let Interfuze help start your digital journey with Azure DevOps Services designed to kickstart your internal capabilities and leave you deploying like pros.

Why Azure DevOps?

A Catalyst for
Digital Transformation

Enable rapid quality deliveries which translates to digital agility. This – together with some hard work at the business level - translates to digital transformation.

Improved Governance

Gain complete control and visibility on application quality, approvals & deployments.

Your One Stop Shop

Azure DevOps not only meets your delivery needs but also your broader development management requirements. One tool for all your needs.

You May Already Own It!

Let us talk to you about licensing. You may be surprised to find that the incremental cost of adopting DevOps is nothing.


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A low risk tangible uplift to your DevOps and digital journey.

Whether you’re new to DevOps or already in the zone and just wondering “where next?”, our Azure DevOps Kickstart program will crystalise the path ahead to seamless delivery.

How does Kickstart work?

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Before accepting the engagement, we’ll hold a free initial feasibility meeting where we confirm your aspirations and expectations accord with what’s possible.

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Early in the engagement we’ll focus on fleshing out major DevOps risks and hurdles. If we identify issues during this stage, we’ll let you know and give you the option to proceed on an adjusted basis or walk from the engagement free of charge.

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Once we pass that vital stage, we’ll frame the kickstart goal via a tighter set of agreed deliverables and from this point guarantee to deliver within the fixed fee.

our DevOps Heritage...

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We've helped many BUSINESSES on their DevOps journey

Matt Stewart
Matt Stewart

We had little experience in DataOps and Azure data architectures so were understandably nervous when we started this journey. Interfuze’s methodical, collaborative and transparent approach to the engagement however, helped reassure we were choosing the right path through some difficult decisions. The resulting solution and uplift to our internal capability has left us ready to meet today’s reporting needs and face tomorrow’s reporting challenges.

Anthony Walker

Interfuze did an incredible job delivering on a tough challenge. Their technical capability, client focus and delivery ethos made what should have been very hard seem easy.

Daniel Lategan
Arc Infrastructure

“Interfuze's skills in agile and project delivery meant they were able to tailor training, mentoring and tools to meet our real needs. By regularly reviewing priorities with me we were able to hit the areas that mattered most in a tight timeframe.”

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