Interfuze’s Branden Dekenah moves to a non-executive role

Branden Dekenah
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Branden Dekenah
March 20, 2024

On the first week of March 2024, Interfuze’s Executive Chairperson, Branden Dekenah moved to a non-executive role with the company.  

The planned strategic transition began in June 2023, with Branden transitioning from the position of Managing Director to inaugural Executive Chairperson for Interfuze Consulting, and Lindsey Duncan taking on the role of Managing Director.

The June 2023 and March 2024 transitions are a reflection of Interfuze - as a business and a team - achieving the next phase of our strategic plan, focused on further supporting WA businesses to solve tough digital problems and accelerating real progress in digital transformation.

Comments attributed to Branden Dekenah

“This week I finally moved to a non-executive role at Interfuze Consulting, the company I co-founded with Tim de Boer in 2018. The succession planning has been underway for almost two years and was given a resounding boost with the appointment of Lindsey Duncan to Managing Director in May 2023.”

“I am indeed happiest when creating, innovating, and launching businesses and products. In services businesses, the sheer variety of personalities, capabilities, and customer problems results in an almost factorial set of possibilities. And whilst the uncertainty can be frustrating at times, the opportunities are limitless.”

“My decision to move on is based on my personal philosophy of creating viable and exciting businesses, hiring great teams, empowering people, and then getting out of the way and moving on to new challenges.”

“The five years spent at Interfuze have been a blast and I have genuinely enjoyed working with my fellow directors, colleagues and clients – all of whom have contributed to the success of the business. After the success of Conducive some years ago I was interested to see if we could do it again – the results have been outstanding, and I can safely say that the curiosity has now been fully satisfied!”

“Whilst I am still a (minor) shareholder in the business and will serve as a non-executive director for the foreseeable future, I now have quite a bit of time on my hands – so looking forward to exploring opportunities outside of consulting businesses for a change!”

Comments attributed to Managing Director, Lindsey Duncan

“Congratulations Branden on another major milestone in your career and for your contribution within the WA technology, IT and business sectors.”

“Having worked with Branden and Tim at both Conducive and Empired, I have always been inspired by our mutual belief in delivering real, early and ongoing value with our solutions, and to invest in quality, happy consultants at the core of making our shared belief into reality.”  

“Both these values have of course translated itself into Interfuze Consulting, where for the last five years, we have seen our team grow not only in numbers, but importantly, also in happiness (as measured by our eNPS), knowledge and experience.”  

“As Tim and I lead the next journey for Interfuze, we feel even more confident in being able to work with our team members to advance our promise of “turning possibility into reality” with Branden’s vast experience and knowledge in business, innovation and stakeholder relations still available to us.”  

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