Interfuze Achieves New Strategic Milestone with Leadership Transition

Branden Dekenah
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Branden Dekenah
June 1, 2023

Interfuze Consulting team is excited to announce that on 1 June 2023, Lindsey Duncan - who has previously held the roles of Principal Consultant, Business Partner, Executive Director - and one of the early shareholders in our boutique IT consultancy - will transition into the role of Managing Director.

As part of this transition, Branden Dekenah will become our inaugural Executive Chairman - a role that will be critical in continuing the development and execution our strategic growth plans.

The transition is a reflection on Interfuze - as a business and a team - achieving the next phase of our strategic plan, focused on further supporting WA businesses to solve tough digital problems and accelerating real progress in digital transformation.

Comments attributed to Branden, new Executive Chairman

“On behalf of everyone at Interfuze, I am delighted to welcome and support Lindsey as our new Managing Director,” said Branden.

“As many would know, Tim (de Boer) and I have known and worked with Lindsey for over a decade at various IT consultancies such as Empired (now Cap Gemini) and we were both delighted when Lindsey chose to join Interfuze in 2019 as a consultant and shareholder.”

“From the very beginning, we founded Interfuze as a boutique custom solutions provider, that can bring innovation and pragmatism to any engagement by focusing on rapid iterative delivery using the latest Agile, Cloud and DevOps practices.”

“Underpinning our foundation has been a dynamic strategic plan and a resilient, dedicated team delivering customer success through the challenges of Covid and resultant economic turbulence, and adapting to the lightning fast changes in the world of technology.”

“Through it all, we are proud of our achievements and dedication in turning possibilities into reality for our clients and for WA businesses. We are now also proud to be finalising the five-year milestone of our strategic plan, which included the transition of Lindsey to Managing Director and me to Executive Chairman.”

“In the inaugural Chairman role, I look forward to being able to continue supporting Interfuze, Lindsey and her leadership team, and work on the business by exploring more innovation opportunities, increasing local business development and enhancing strategic partnerships.”

“Whilst this milestone signifies an exciting trajectory for future growth, as an organisation, we are even more excited with the transition’s outcome of providing the next generation of IT leaders in WA with the opportunity to lead within our industry.”

“Having worked with Lindsey for more than a decade, I have been fortunate to witness her ability to deliver commercially aligned pragmatic thinking, technology that adds value and a culture of supporting our consultants and giving back to our local industry and community.”

“Congratulations again Lindsey on your new role. I look forward to supporting your leadership by providing guidance and counsel, and help you steer the Interfuze dream towards new horizons.”

Comments attributed to Lindsey, Interfuze’s Managing Director

“Firstly, thank you to Branden, Tim, Interfuze’s leadership and the whole Interfuze team for their warm support. I am honoured to be taking on the role of Managing Director and to lead what I truly believe is a great organisation, with a fantastic team of passionate consultants towards our next strategic phase,” commented Lindsey.

“Throughout our close to five years of operations, Interfuze has become an organisation proud of our promise of delivering business value early to our clients with customised solutions that make the most of the latest cloud technologies and services.”

“As we shape the next phase of Interfuze’s growth we will continue to champion our focus on providing quality consultants to our clients, an enriching work & learning environment alongside great projects to our team members and continuing to positively impact the local community with engagement and charitable support.”

“In short, it is business as usual, as we enter the last few weeks of the 2023 financial year and moving into FY2024, continuing to support the successes, new innovations or better ways of working for our valued clients.”

“I would also like to take this opportunity to re-iterate our thanks to our clients for their ongoing confidence and trust in what we do and how we deliver technology. I look forward to continuing our engagements, communications and delivery of early and ongoing value to you, your teams and organisations.”

“Last but certainly not least, a huge thanks to Branden for the vision, perspective and leadership he has brought to Interfuze as Managing Director for the last four and a half years, and for his support & mentorship as I step into this role - I’m looking forward to continuing working together as he moves into being our Executive Chairman.”

“Branden, where Interfuze is today and this transition is a clear demonstration of your hard work and ethos of leading with pragmatism, insight, experience and generosity. Thank you.”

Interfuze transition questions & further information

As mentioned above, the transition of Lindsey Duncan as Managing Director of Interfuze and Branden Dekenah as Executive Chair is effective as of Thursday 1 June 2023.

All Interfuze engagements, projects and collaborations with our existing and potential clients are at a business as usual status, with every effort made to ensure no change or interruptions to our day to day service and work delivery impacted.

If you have any further questions or would like more information about our leadership transition, please get in touch directly with Lindsey at

Thank you, and we look forward to continuing - and enhancing - our work in delivering value through technology to WA businesses and organisations.

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