Rejoice Confluence Users: Your Virtual Team Mates Are Here to Really Do the Heavy Lifting

Lenny Whitehead
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Lenny Whitehead
November 28, 2023

The news from Atlassian HQ on their game changing Atlassian Intelligence is still filtering through. If you and your team have access to Premium and Enterprise Editions of any of Jira, JSM and Confluence you can now turn on Atlassian Intelligence and instantly gain virtual team members who can help with manual, repetitive tasks and free valuable time. 

Those who don’t have premium or enterprise access can join a waitlist for early access. Simply add your expression of interest for Atlassian Intelligence here. 

Our Atlassian certified consultants have been testing out Virtual Agents in Jira Service Management and how it can really add value to teams by freeing up time, reducing cognitive load, and importantly, be supported. 

We’ve also tested the Virtual Team Member in Confluence and so far, we can see how it can really help do the heavy lifting for their non-virtual team members. 

How Virtual Team Members in Confluence can support you

  • “What does that stand for?”A standout feature for our Atlassian Practice Lead Lenny Whitehead is the ability for Atlassian Intelligence to provide definitions for any acronym you highlight, based on content in your Confluence instance, helping to alleviate the need for your team or business to keep a dictionary of company acronyms up to date and training staff in where to find it. 
  • Minutes in minutes! Summarising meeting minutes in Confluence can now be done by simply typing and sending a prompt. Research shows that writing minutes can take as long as the meeting itself (or longer). Atlassian’s AI can help you do the legwork and summarise in minutes for you to take over and polish. 
  • Ask AI Anything: It starts with a query and everyone is busy so you start looking through files and searching and searching. Atlassian Intelligence - coming first to Confluence - helps you to stop searching as it understands questions you would ask a teammate and answers them instantly. 

Find out more about Atlassian Intelligence for Confluence 

As always, the Atlassian team have created informative and easy to follow guidelines on their AI and its capabilities within Confluence to help teams collaborate better, work smarter and faster. 

You can access the details via these documentation notes.

Need a hand to set it all up?

Our certified Atlassian consultants - who are super eager to help install Atlassian Intelligence to deliver early, real value to businesses and their teams - are keen to help. 

Get in touch for a free consultation to help get started.

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