Interfuze is at Innovate WA to support better, faster and smarter workflows for the public sector

Lindsey Duncan
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Lindsey Duncan
January 10, 2022

On Thursday 3 February , Interfuze’s Atlassian experts are super excited to be part of the Innovate WA conference and exhibition, at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. 

In the last two years, WA’s response to the global pandemic has been world learning. As part of this response, the State Government is working together to restore the economy and industry, support the community and build new infrastructure to create jobs through the $5.5 billion WA Recovery Plan. 

Underpinning all of this is a new digital-first ICT Strategy that will transform the way public services are designed, supported and delivered for a community living and working in a digital work. These initiatives combined will look to cement WA as a thriving and innovative place in which to live, work, visit and do business! 

As an organisation that is passionate about digital transformation and using technology to provide better, smarter and more productive services and workflow, we’re excited to be involved! 

Atlassian tools for a collaborative workforce

As WA’s leading Atlassian Solutions Partner, Interfuze has been working with the WA Public Sector, large to small and medium private companies to provide end-to-end licensing, customisation, training and support services for the successful deployment and adoption of the following Atlassian tools, using them to create Asset Management, Project Management, Client Relationship Management, Role Management, Knowledge Bases and Project Documentation Repository solutions, amongst others!

  • Jira Service Management: Richly featured service management tool that can be tailored to manage any business work queue or approvals
  • Jira Work Management: For visibility over work and processes with simple to develop, customised workflows and fields and visual management
  • Confluence: Rich wiki that works seamlessly with Jira or standalone as a knowledge base, project document repository or intranet

Check out our Jira Service Management work with the Department of Local Government, Sports and Culture and Confluence with the Department of Mines, Industry Regulations and Safety. 

Atlassian as a solution for Innovating WA digitally 

The four key themes for the 2022 Innovate WA conference have clear links for using Atlassian as a technology solution. 

These themes include:

  • Technology and innovation to drive citizen-centric experiences. Our work with DLGSC and Jira Service Management is an example of how Atlassian can be a powerful solution to support internal and external customer support.

  • People and Culture - building a public sector culture of strategic workforce planning and increased employee engagement. Our intranet build using Confluence for DMIRS allows for real time internal information and an easy to use interface for self management.

  • Data & Analytics - turn data sets and analytics into actionable insights. Through Jira and a connected Atlassian system, teams will be able to easily export and see data - automatically collected - and filtered to suit their needs.

  • Digital & Citizen Experience - streamline operations for better citizen experience. Again, a Jira Service Management experience with DLGSC is a great example on how Atlassian’s tools can easily support digital communications and engagement internally and the general public when it comes to customer and community support. 

Visit us at Innovate WA 

The Public Sector Innovate WA will take professionals and teams on a journey from recovery through to growth, and provides the ideal meeting place to learn, collaborate, and discuss the trends and innovations helping encourage economic prosperity for WA now and in the future. 

Come visit us at Booth SM1 on 3 February 2021 at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, from 8am - 4.30pm.

If you need Atlassian information and advice prior, please visit our Atlassian Service page.

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