Have you heard of Atlassian's End Bad Service Management Campaign?

Lenny Whitehead
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Lenny Whitehead
May 9, 2023

According to the recent Forrester research, published in collaboration with Atlassian, in this economic environment, companies are rethinking their IT investments with legacy ITSM tools (like ServiceNow, BMC).

Done right, IT service management (ITSM) reduces IT asset and management costs, increases employee productivity and satisfaction, and gives management insights into how IT resources are being used to help the business.

Done badly, ITSM can reduce the trust levels between a company and its customers, lowering customer satisfaction and increasing pressure and resources for improvement, which can also impact daily work and employee satisfaction.  

In short, Bad Service Management (BSM) can wreck entire organisations and Atlassian is on a mission to cure that with Jira Service Management.

About Atlassian’s Global Brand Campaign to end Bad Service Management

Bad Service Management happens when dev, IT, and business teams work in silos, making it impossible to deliver great service experiences.

In our Interfuze experience - and as WA’s only Atlassian Gold Partner - Jira Service Management is designed, tested, and proven to stop BSM in its tracks. 

How does it do that?

Four key features of Jira Service Management that our consultants and clients love include:

  • Make work visible: Jira Service Management allows every team to track work across the enterprise through an open, collaborative platform. You can link issues across Jira and ingest data from other software development tools, so your IT support and operations teams have richer contextual information to rapidly respond to requests, incidents, and changes.
  • Deliver value early and continuously: Tune Jira Service Management to your unique needs. Templates enable you to get started fast and scale as needed – without the complexity of traditional ITSM solutions.
  • Seamless deployments: Jira Service Management lets your Dev, Ops, business and all teams work better together. Get new teams and services up and running quickly.
  • Faster resolutions: Respond to changes and incidents at high velocity with Jira Service Management. We’ve helped teams and businesses deliver more customer impact while managing risk. Teams are able to collaboratively accelerate critical work and requests, eliminate issues, and deploy solutions with a complete audit trail.

See Jira Service Management in action 

Our Atlassian consultants recently managed the implementation of a Jira Service Management project at Roy Hill - one of Australia’s major resources operations. 

The Roy Hill People Support team needed an efficient way to track and execute person/position changes within the business. The team was already using Jira Service Management and we needed to extend the current instance to reflect Roy Hill’s current business processes into an easy to use and efficient system for leaders to request necessary changes.

As part of our implementation and extension of the current instance, our team deployed the following solutions:

  • Shared email inbox replaced with Service Desk queues providing visibility on requests
  • Customised workflows mirrored business process, removing non value add manual work & automating approval requests
  • SLA’s provided visibility on time spent waiting on customers & managers approvals 

By using Jira Service Desk, Roy Hill was able to leverage an existing system, as they already use Jira instances across the business. This meant that users didn’t have to learn a foreign system, and in-house teams will be able to continue the maintenance after Interfuze’s hand-over. 

Read the full Jira Service Management case study with Roy Hill

Join the end Bad Service Management campaign 

Together with Atlassian, our Interfuze team is passionate about Ending BSM Now! The best way to do this is of course by stopping the spread of Bad Service Management. Get in touch today for a free consultation.

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