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Lindsey Duncan
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Lindsey Duncan
June 9, 2022

As you might be aware, one of Interfuze’s passion is to provide organisational visibility and our IT and business development experts have chosen Atlassian’s tools - Jira and Confluence - to help create powerful, connected asset management, risk registers, CRMs, transparent workflows and customer support delivery.

As a leading Atlassian Partner in WA, our team members provide end-to-end licensing, customisation, training and support services for the successful deployment and adoption of Jira Software, Jira Work Management, Confluence and Jira Service Management. 

To date, we have had the opportunity to provide Atlassian services to many WA businesses, including Rio Tinto, Roy Hill, Xeni, DMIRS, Shell Oil,  RIG Technologies and the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

If you are also looking to achieve organisational visibility using powerful and flexible tools that Atlassian offers, we would like to introduce you to the team members who will be working with you and your organisation. 

Lindsey Duncan

Lindsey is an Agile and technical consultant with 20 years experience in software development and Agile delivery. Starting her career in investment banking in the UK she gained in-depth experience in writing high throughput, low latency, highly distributed applications as well as an understanding of the problems associated with large scale application delivery and support.

Lindsey has led and/or is leading our Atlassian work with RIG, Roy Hill and Rio Tinto. 

Lenny Whitehead

As a self confessed "Jeek" (Jira geek who can pretty much do anything with it), Lenny is an Atlassian expert, Agile coach and Project Manager who enjoys problem solving and helping teams work smarter and better through an "interfuse" of business, IT and problem solving superpowers and joined Interfuze to take on and lead our Atlassian practice.

Prior to coming to the Interfuze side, Lenny has worked in Europe for 13 years for enterprise organisations including United Bank of Switzerland and Accenture as well as Shell Energy and the Commonwealth Games in Australia! 

Lenny is currently heading up Atlassian work with Rio, FMG and Micromine as well as continuing to build the Atlassian team while keeping everyone amused with a daily dose of dad jokes.

Rajat Saddi 

Rajat Saddi is a Lead Consultant at Interfuze, where he leads a number of digital transformation and better business projects using a combination of Agile and DevOps practices.

Empowering people with IT skills is a passion of Raj because he believes in the crucial role that technology plays in peoples' lives today and increasingly into the future. 

Raj led the successful deployment and training of Jira Service Management for the team at Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

Hugh Taplin 

Hugh Taplin is our Graduate Consultant - a computer science, mathematics and stats double major who has a love for learning within practical projects

Since joining us in mid 2021, Hugh has been hands-on working and learning with our senior consultants - Brendan, Lindsey, Ben Reay - to solve real digital challenges for WA businesses, and is a Jira and Jira Service Management guru, setting up and customising Atlassian Jira instances for specific use cases for a number of WA mining companies.

Kurt Barbarich 

Kurt is another one of our developers who has an interest in integrated technology for effective business processes. He has a special focus on breaking down issues and finding the best solution that will work for all stakeholders involved. Since joining Interfuze in mid 2022, Kurt has been full steam ahead supporting Lenny and Lindsey on exciting Atlassian projects for Rio Tinto. 

Ben Smith

Ben is the latest to join our Atlassian practice but one of the longest employees of Interfuze having worked as a Senior Developer for the past 3 years. Taking a break from cutting .Net code, Ben is flexing his BA skills and learning Atlassian from the configuration rather than user side, working alongside Lenny on a couple of major server to cloud migration projects.

Get in touch for an initial Atlassian expert consult

Our deep knowledge of Atlassian products, combined with our agile expertise and status as an Atlassian partner helps WA organisations to get the best value, use and return on investment of their Atlassian tools.

If you are thinking about starting your Atlassian journey or would like to enhance your investment on Jira and Confluence, please get in touch for an initial free consult. 

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