Big news for Australian Rail Innovation, supported by Interfuze's feasibility study

Branden Dekenah
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Branden Dekenah
December 11, 2023

On Thursday 6 December 2023, one of our clients - Arc Infrastructure revealed Hiivr Rail - an autonomous rail container wagon, with Deputy Premier Hon. Rita Saffioti. The unveiling involved a demonstration held for government and industry stakeholders at the Kenwick Rail Freight Facility.

Hiivr Rail is the exciting name Arc Infrastructure has given the autonomous wagon and its real-world application in the WA context, after more than three years of development.

Hiivr Rail has the potential to offer many benefits for WA, including emissions reduction, enhanced road safety and local rail manufacturing

Thank you Arc for involving Team Interfuze

Thanks to the Arc team for involving Interfuze Consulting in the proof of concept stage (and the opportunity to be part of the unveiling).

In early 2023, Interfuze was engaged to facilitate the feasibility stage of using autonomous, propelled container wagons to facilitate improved intermodal transport of containers.

We helped prepare Arc Infrastructure with the information needed for a proof of concept that could go on to form a production ready solution should the idea prove viable.

To explore the viability of the concept, Interfuze:

1. Met with various stakeholders to understand and document current state operations.

2. Worked with stakeholders to capture, document and refine the operationalc oncept and value proposition.

During this process we ensured:

1. The concept remained aligned with Arc Infrastructure’s strategic objectives

2. Business case viability was actively monitored and maintained

3. Analysed and designed the potential future operation of the concept and assessed the change impact of moving to the proposed innovation.

4. We maintained a focus on ensuring the needs of customers, supply chain participants’ and clients were in alignment.

5. Conducted literature and desktop review to incorporate global innovations and leading practices, and research applicable technologies. We engaged with organisations doing similar or related projects to harvest ideas and lessons learned.

You can read more about our work here.

Quotes attributed to Arc Infrastructure

True to their vision of 'turning possibility into reality,' the Interfuze team worked with Arc's infrastructure and transportation experts to create enhanced and real value for the Australian rail industry.

~ Murray Cook, CEO, Arc Infrastructure

Quotes attributed to Interfuze

What a fantastic opportunity to be involved in a truly innovative project. About three years ago we worked with our client, Arc Infrastructure, to rethink freight rail. In particular, we wanted to imagine a world where containers could be moved along existing rail corridors on an individual basis with a low carbon footprint. Moreover, a specific case presented itself in West Australia with the development of the Westport plan and the eventual movement of container trade to Kwinana.Working with Arc Infrastructure, we envisioned a world where containers could be transported on driverless, automated wagons, powered by batteries and able to work independently or collaboratively, much like a hive of bees. We developed the concept of operation with our client and today I got to see all the hard work that has happened since then, in turning this vision to a reality. Many thanks to Arc Infrastructure for the opportunity and to Murray Cook for the vision and ongoing leadership. Also a shout out to the Interfuze Consulting team and especially Danielle Bollig, who translated my pictures and whiteboard dumps, into a concrete deliverable.

~ Branden Dekenah, Executive Chairman

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