Atlassian Intelligence (AI) Powers Virtual Agents in Jira Service Management

Lindsey Duncan
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Lindsey Duncan
November 28, 2023

At the November Atlassian High Velocity Conference in Sydney, our very own Lindsey Duncan got a first glimpse of the beta release of Atlassian Intelligence (AI), offering natural language querying across all Atlassian products and specific benefits for each of Jira Service Management (JSM), Jira and Confluence which has quickly been taken up by the Interfuze Atlassian team.

One of the exciting features for Jira Service Management that our Interfuze team are keen on exploring and implementing for our JSM customers and any teams thinking of moving from Service Now to this Atlassian version of Enterprise Management System, is the AI-powered Virtual Agents that our team know can add real value to a business!

About the Virtual Agents

“With a built-in AI engine that leverages best-in-class Natural Language Processing, the Jira Service Management virtual agent automates support interactions right to free up time and deliver exceptional service at scale,” said Lindsey.

Some of the ways that our Interfuze Atlassian team see the AI-powered virtual agents can provide value right off the bat include:

  • Quickly get up to date on what’s happened (or not) on a ticket: The virtual agent can provide an instant bullet point summary of the ticket to date; who said what, what was decided, saving you from reading through lengthy comments and details to work out where it’s at and what’s needed next.
  • Free up time from manual, repetitive tasks and queries: The virtual agent uses generative AI to dynamically generate answers from sources within your enterprise, like knowledge base articles, onboarding guides, and FAQs. This means tickets with the same queries or issues can be answered directly by the virtual agent.

    Even better, the virtual agent can seamlessly transition the conversation to human experts to complete the request – without losing context. This reduces friction and helps resolve cases faster.

  • Smarter, faster way of creating reports: With a click of a button or by saying prompts such as:  "show me…” agents will now be able to get a concise summary of all conversations, knowledge base articles, and other resolution paths recommended by previous agents handling an issue. This will allow for seamless hand-offs between support agents, reducing the frustrating back-and-forth between employees and agents.

  • Remove cognitive load associated with platform switching: The virtual agent automates support interactions right from within Slack (Microsoft Teams coming soon) to free up agent time and provide team members with faster support, without ever having to leave their favourite collaboration tools. 

Have you tried out Virtual Agents?

Virtual agent capabilities are now generally available with the Premium and Enterprise Editions of Jira Service Management. It is also currently available in Slack only. 

Setting up anything AI-powered can sound like a daunting task, but the Jira Service Management virtual agent is designed for ease-of-use so you can manage it and make improvements on the fly – no code or data scientist required. 

As always, the Atlassian team has provided comprehensive step by step instructions which you can read and view here.

Need a hand to set up Virtual Agents?

Our certified Atlassian consultants - who are super eager to help install Virtual Agents and deliver early, real value to Jira Service Management users - are keen to help. 

Get in touch for a free consultation to help get started with Virtual Agents.

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