Atlassian for Not For Profits: Digital Innovation Awaits

Lindsey Duncan
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Lindsey Duncan
October 29, 2020

When we hear of “Atlassian” many of us default to thinking about Agile tools for software development teams or the technology sector. And that’s fair enough - after all, that was the focus of Atlassian when they first launched their Jira project management software. 

In our last few blog posts, we have shown how flexible Atlassian tools are - particularly Jira and Confluence - for use by any team members from marketing, to finance and human resources. 

This is because the underlying concept of Atlassian tools is that they fit easily, out of the box, into an organisation’s digital ecosystem and help teams communicate, collaborate, and coordinate to get work done. 

As an organisation, Atlassian is also big on helping charities and not for profits who are looking for innovative solutions to a specific problem or project - be that streamlining process and workflows through to accounting assistance and creating websites! 

Helping organisations, especially the not-for-profit agencies who provide essential and important services to our local community, is important to us at Interfuze. 

If you are a not-for-profit who are looking to digitally transform in a cost and time effective way, with tools that can be easily integrated into your existing system and importantly, can be used easily by your teams, then we’d like to show how Atlassian can help you with this! 

Benefits of digital transformation for charities 

Nonprofit digital transformation is as important now as it has ever been.

We often talk about how transformation today is crucial for small and midsize businesses, regardless of industry, but nonprofits have a particular necessity to embrace technology implementations within their organisations.

There’s always increasing pressure on non-profit organisations to justify their budgets and spending by demonstrating that they are having a real impact in their particular area. Digital transformations can help by driving efficiencies, speeding up processes, cutting costs, and helping every team member focus on what they do best.

Problem solving with Atlassian 

Having the right tools then to help not for profits digitally transform or provide solutions for projects and business challenges is essential. Let’s discover how Atlassian tools can help not for profits work better and faster: 

Streamlining process and workflows 

Need a checklist for onboarding new team members into your organisation? Or need to get an overview of what every team is working on, how much resources - time and budget they need - so that you can report to the Board or other funding bodies at almost a click of a button? 

Jira - Atlassian’s project management software - can help you to plan, track and report based on your organisation’s custom processes and workflows. Here’s an example of how we track our marketing work using the kanban view on Jira.

Creating websites

A website is an essential marketing and public information tool for any organisation. Developing an organisational website can be costly. But out of the box, Atlassian’s Confluence is a great way to easily create content, edit pages, review changes - a bit like WordPress. At Interfuze, we’ve built our intranet site using Confluence - see below - using simple drop, drag and editing functionalities of this great tool. To give a sense of how easy it is to create content after deciding how our intranet should look actually creating what you see below took around 30mins. 


A Customer Relationship Manager - CRM - is an important tool to build a relationship with your customers and donors/supporters that, in turn, creates loyalty and customer retention. A CRM tool - such as Hubspot or Active Campaign - can be expensive to subscribe to and often complicated to customise to suit your organisational needs. Jira can be used to create a CRM that you want so that you can manage your projects and your donors/customers using one tool.

Customer service 

Being able to track requests that come via email, phone or email for the best customer service is another important relationship building component for organisations. Jira Service Desk is a free ticketing system to solve issues and requests faster than ever. Even better, the service desk can act as a knowledge base for your organisation so that similar or same questions can have a consistent copy and paste answer. Saves time, resources and make customers happy! 

Atlassian offers for the not for profit sector

Community License 

If you are a charity or not-for-profit organisation, you can access Atlassian’s Community License, providing you with 75% off Atlassian Cloud Services and supporting paid apps from the Atlassian Marketplace, or completely free licences if you install on your own servers.

Jira and Atlassian Tutorials for Not for Profits

The Atlassian Foundation aims to help the not-for-profit sector to do things better and more efficiently via the offering of their project management software. The Foundation has created a series of tutorials for non-tech people about Jira and Atlassian tools to help make it easier than ever to start digitally transforming your organisation. 

Access up to 5 days of professional Atlassian support

Atlassian team members get five days of volunteering leave to make an impact. So, if your not-for-profit organisation has a digital project or idea that needs expert assistance to get off the ground, submit it to the Atlassian Foundation for consideration.  

Interfuze’s Atlassian support for WA charities

Interfuze is one of only two Atlassian Solutions Partners in WA. We believe in the power of its flexible, project management, content management and problem solving tools to support aspects of a not-for-profit’s digital transformation. 

We’re working with one of WA’s most respected charities - Ngala - to support their project management and workflows better and we’re here to help other not-for-profits. 

Get in touch for an initial free consultation to discuss your digital needs or organisational challenges and how Atlassian tools might be the answer you need. 

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