Atlassian Cloud is coming...are you ready for migration?

Lenny Whitehead
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Lenny Whitehead
November 9, 2022

As many Atlassian users are aware, support for Atlassian Server products will end on 15 February 2024. The end of support for Atlassian Servers is part of the company’s move to accessing their productive work tools via the Cloud. 

The end-of-life support will apply to: Jira Software Server, Jira Core Server, Jira Service Management Server, Confluence Serve, Bitbucket Server, Crowd Server, Bamboo Server, and Atlassian-built Server apps. 

Atlassian is encouraging a more innovative, supported, secure and reliable future in the Cloud. In this article, our very own Atlassian experts provide more detail on the “Why and How” of Cloud migration. 

But why Cloud?

If you and your team members are still thinking about whether to migrate to Atlassian Cloud, our Atlassian Lead Consultant and self-proclaimed “Jeek” (Jira Geek) has been out and about, talking to WA businesses and organisations on “Why Cloud?”

Here he shares his top four reasons for committing to and winning from Atlassian Cloud Migration:

Lower Cost of Operations

The cost of running On Premise servers and database infrastructure goes away with Atlassian Cloud, although it should be noted the Cloud Licensing costs do eat up a bit of these savings

Less Admin, More Time

Considering all of the effort that used to be required for security updates, bug fixes for critical vulnerabilities, manual re-indexing and doing the often painful upgrades, Atlassian Cloud is a lot less time and effort to Administer than On Premise.

Security Compliance

Atlassian Cloud offers enhanced security through heightened data protection, added security controls and compliance with multiple global and country-specific privacy and other data legislations.

User Experience

There’s nothing worse than your Board freezing when running a Stand Up. Performance is a lot better in the Cloud and Jira Automation is a game changer. New features like Guests, Confluence Automation and Data Analytics (coming soon) are getting rolled out all the time making the User Experience something that matches today’s expectations.

How does Atlassian Cloud migration work?

Atlassian has created a comprehensive Cloud Migration Program and resources to support its users to move to the Cloud as soon as possible. 

Atlassian does recommend partnering with a Solutions Partner to ensure a secure, reliable and seamless Cloud Migration. If you have < 300 users and only use a few Marketplace apps then a Solutions Partner can help walk you through how to plan and execute your migration yourself. 

If you have a greater number of users and marketplace apps or some critical customisations, then a Solutions Partner can run the migration for you to ensure minimum impact to users and getting the job done on time. 

Migration with Interfuze

As WA’s only Atlassian Gold Solutions Partner, we at Interfuze are excited to be able to provide secure, supported and seamless Cloud Migration services.

We have been working with local large, medium and smaller scale businesses and organisations to get in early and start their Cloud migration, to be done with minimal disruption and within the agreed timeframes. 

We achieve this through an agile and collaborative progress through each phase of the migration journey, with the right tools and guidance along the way, as illustrated below.

Atlassian Cloud Migration with Interfuze

Ready to start your Atlassian Cloud Migration?

To kick off your Atlassian Cloud Migration, we invite you to a complimentary one hour initial consultation. Get in touch today and one of our Atlassian experts will be in contact to start your Cloud journey and future. 

You can also get more information on Atlassian’s Cloud Migration on our website.

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