Jira Service Management vs Help Desk vs other ITSM

Lindsey Duncan
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Lindsey Duncan
November 26, 2021

We recently shared our observations on why Jira Service Management is gaining traction amongst Perth businesses and WA government agencies. 

To summarise, Jira Service Management rapidly brings together dev, IT operations, and business teams so they can quickly respond to business changes and deliver great service experiences while being significantly cheaper than other products, both initially and in the longer term. If you’re an academic institution you can also benefit from 50% licence discounts or free licences if you’re a charity.

Jira Service Management is built from the ground up to provide all standard Service Desk features like customer friendly front end & visibility on tickets raised, multiple ways to lodge tickets, super simple approval features (1 click via email for approvals) and easy to configure SLA’s.  

By being so easy to use JSM delivers value early and quickly enables visibility, cost savings and increased customer satisfaction, facts we see making Jira Service Management the help desk  / ITSM of choice for many more organisations. 

To give you an idea of how quickly JSM can be delivered some stats from projects we’ve done at Interfuze;  setting up JSM with off the shelf ITSM in 1 day (few more days to train staff!), to set up a customised IT Service desk with Single Sign on integration through Access took us 4 weeks and a complex set up for HR to manage people & positions with 12 highly customised workflows, multiple automations and approval points and SLAs was 11 weeks.  These projects weren’t starting points, they were delivering a finalised system.

We get asked many times why Jira Service Management is also our recommendation when it comes to enhancing the current help desk / ITSM in use. 

So we thought we outline them here for easy reference that you can access and refer to again, anytime. 

Jira Service Management vs Help Desk 

Traditional help / service desks are often rooted in having a group of people who provide help and information for electronic or computer problems, incidents or requests.  Users often have to rely on emails, phone calls, or walk-up to help desks to get a response to their service requests. 

A lack of service management within help desks to capture and prioritise requests from all non-connected avenues can cause delays in responding, breakdown of communications, duplications of services, and plain old stress! 

Knowledge often sits with the service group or, just as often, specific users in that group meaning a heavy reliance on them to solve customer requests and leading to inefficiencies when one or more of the group leaves and takes the knowledge away with them. 

Knowledge bases, designed to resolve this, are often cumbersome to update (or create) so quickly become out of date.

The rise of digitalisation and the increasing trend of distributed or remote working has not only fuelled increased expectations in operational efficiencies but also a need for a culture of self-service. 

Add all of this together and the traditional service desk offerings are creaking at the seams to deliver what customers now need.

Jira Service Management can help with all of the above challenges and enhance the capabilities of the traditional help desk with:

  • One connected system that receives, tracks, manages, and resolves requests from your teams and customers;
  • Global prioritisation - Ability to view and prioritise tasks across different service desk projects
  • Categorising service requests, incidents, problems, and changes by organising and prioritising these requests in a single place;
  • Automation of processes or actions based on information or user / agent actions (e.g. if a software issue task is not resolved in 1 day then increase the priority and email the agents)
  • Keeping your team on track with goals (or service level agreements);
  • One easy to use, customisable portal for teams and customers to submit their requests; 
  • Knowledge base that anyone can access to initially find solutions for their requests (when leveraged with Confluence)
  • Easy to edit banner in the portal to advise if there are issues / systems are down to reduce tickets logged

Jira Service Management vs other ITSM 

In a recent research report by Forrester, studies and interviews were conducted to find out the differences in capabilities, pricing, return on investment between Jira Service Management and other IT Service Management software available in the market. 

The report outlined the total economic impact of having a cost effective, flexible, easy to use and integratable platform like Jira Service Management:

  • 246% return on investment (ROI)
  • Improved service agent productivity by 61%
  • Saved $800K by retiring legacy ITSM tools

It also outlined some of the other non-economic benefits of Jira Service Management when compared to other legacy or existing ITSMs:

  • Flexibility. Jira Service Management has enabled administrators to leverage on the automation and configuration capabilities to design workflows that best suit their team’s needs. As such, teams are able to move quickly to complete service requests, foster transparency, and better align with agile and DevOps teams.
  • Happier teams. Support staff are able to work more collaboratively and resolve service requests more efficiently. 
  • Better user experience. The simple, intuitive user interface of the Jira Service Management has improved the user experience for both service agents and end users. This leads to quicker and wider adoption of the platform for everyone to use, including non-technical teams. 

Find out if Jira Service Management is for you

Interfuze is one of only two Atlassian Partners in Perth. We specialise in providing across the board support services in Perth including Jira Service Management, Jira, Confluence, and Atlassian and Jira Licencing. 

If you and your teams would like to find out if Jira Service Management is the right ITSM to replace legacy help desk or enhance it, we can show you first hand how it works through our own internal use. 

Get in touch to book a demo session or to further chat about your ITSM requirements. 

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