Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

Our vision is to build an enduring Perth icon that will survive for generations, providing our clients and employees a welcome constant in an ever changing world.

This guides our behaviour - strategic over opportunistic and conducting ourselves in a dignified and sustainable manner.

We believe in the potential of a consultancy combining a traditional business centered ethos with the recent transformative advances in Agile, DevOps and the Cloud. That is our why. Our what and how will adapt to meet the market using this why as our guide.

We work to the simple rule that great results are underpinned by talented and empowered professionals working within healthy client relationships.

Empowerment is the product of competence and trust. Our culture will ensure and assume our people are competent and question rules and processes that presume otherwise.

Healthy client relationships result through all of us feeling a personal responsibility to our clients’ success and conducting ourselves professionally and confidentially.

Our service will always focus on the client and we will be wary of building IP or engaging vendors in a manner that puts that focus and impartiality at risk.

We will be forever pragmatic and delivery driven - looking to solve problems and deliver value early through considered and communicated compromise where necessary.

We believe the best consultancy for many Perth businesses is large enough to provide a broad and consistent capability but small enough to provide personal service as well as value through low overheads.

We respect how difficult it is to attract and sustain a happy and collaborative team of honest, talented professionals and expect our leadership to make this their highest priority.

We celebrate innovation. We want our people to be curious, explore new and better ways and above all respond to change rather than blindly execute a plan.

We believe our brand and success is the sum of every employees’ individual efforts and  provide healthy incentives for the times we reap that effort’s reward.

We believe in taking the time to bond as colleagues and maintain balanced personal lives.

Our Values

Diversity of thought and inclusive decision making, but demand considered thought and accountability for actions

People and collaboration over rigid process and hierarchy

Servant leadership – we serve others before ourselves and lead with personal integrity

Education and self-improvement

Seeking to understand before seeking to be understood