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What is Jira?

Jira is a family of work management solutions that empowers all teams to work with agility and do their best work - together.

Trusted by more than 100,000 organisations world-wide, Jira comes out-of-the-box with the features and best practices agile teams need to develop and evolve their agile practices.

*As a Jira Expert and the only WA Atlassian Gold Partner, we have implemented, customised and extended Jira for many WA businesses, organisations and teams - of all sizes and across varying industries - who are looking to get better visibility of all projects and works, collaborate better across all stake holders, and manage tasks and data.

*2021 State Agile Report.

What is Jira?

Jira Implementation, Licensing, Development, Customisation,Training and Support in Perth

Jira Software helps all teams to plan, track, launch and report on their activities - whether that’s for software product development, content marketing, human resources and all types of projects.

At Interfuze, our Jira experts have supported Perth businesses to configure Jira to create powerful, connected asset management, risk registers, CRMs, transparent workflows.

Jira software is popular in the agile world due to its well-managed workflow mapping and issue tracking ability. To support agile development cycle it has Scrum and Kanban boards along with various reports.

Find out how we can kickstart your Jira journey or extend the Jira software that you are currently using to get the best outcomes for you and your teams.

Jira Software Licensing

Jira Software Licensing

Make your Jira purchase hassle free - Atlassian requires payment in USD$ via credit card where as we invoice you in AUD$ and can provide extended trials with our partnership status.

Jira Customisation

Jira Customisation

Jira comes out of the box ready to go for many common scenarios.

If your teams require extra Jira functionality, we customise or test and implement Jira plugins.

Jira Migration

Jira Migration

Whether you need to consolidate multiple instances or want to migrate to Jira Cloud, our team has the expertise to help.

Jira Deployment

Jira Deployment

Set up your Jira to streamline with your current workflows and/or to connect to potential existing systems.

Jira Training

Jira Training

To complement our Agile services we can help implement, train and expand on your Agile practices using Jira.

Jira Support

Jira Support

As a Perth based Jira expert, our teams are able to provide further technical and consulting support for all your Jira and Atlassian product needs and/or challenges, at days and times that align with your organisation.

Use cases of Jira by Atlassian, supporting teams to collaboratebetter and faster

With 15+ years of combined experience as Jira Experts in Perth, our consultants have been able to provide the following Jira values and benefits for teams and businesses to collaborate and work better, together!

Create visibility and integrate all teams and stakeholders in a project

Create visibility and integrate all teams and stakeholders in a project

Agile Boards in Jira make work highly visible. They can be for a single project or team or combine work from multiple projects or teams into a single view. They are also highly interactive in that you can filter by Assignee, flag Blockers which makes them great for meetings.

Every Jira project has a Backlog which makes the work that needs to be done visible in a single place where the team can review them, add details like estimates and acceptance criteria. There’s even a Roadmap that lets the team map things out over a timeline.

For Premium Jira users there is an awesome feature called Plans or Advanced Roadmaps. This gives a powerful view for planning or project managers to see the w of ork visible in a hierarchy where they can slice and dice the data, add dependencies and see the plan updated in real time.

Track deadlines

Track deadlines

In Agile we mostly focus on delivering value, however when a team or multiple teams need to hit a deadline then using the Start and Due date fields makes these visible on the basic roadmap. Or using Sprint Dates works as well.

In Plans or Advanced roadmaps the items actually go orange with a warning if any of the Due Dates have been exceeded. It’s also a great idea to use automation to alert the team when items are approaching their due dates.

Keep everything connected

Keep everything connected

Often there is a need to integrate Jira with other applications and there are a number of ways to do this in Jira Cloud.

One way is to use Marketplace applications that connect say Power BI and Jira or even big systems like SAP. Often there is an existing application available on the Atlassian Marketplace that is designed to do exactly the integration you are looking for, a good example of this is being able to put a SAP WBS code against an Epic so that all the time booked against it can then be uploaded to SAP for project financials.

Another way is via API calls. You can call out to web services from within an Automation Rule in Jira or write an application that calls Jira API and fetches the data you need for integration.

Move away from emails and Excel spreadsheets

Move away from emails and Excel spreadsheets

Teams need to collaborate and trying to do so using Excel and Emails doesn’t meet the needs of high performing teams.

Once a team has their work visible and a good workflow set up in Jira, then they can start continuously improving the flow of work within the team and stay focused on the high value tasks by either automating or getting rid of repetitive tasks that don’t add value.

We are the Jira Partner of Choice in Perth

As WA's only Gold Atlassian Partner, our Interfuze consultants are Jira specialists inPerth and are able to provide above and beyond services, offers and capabilities, including:

We provide guaranteed capability

Access to the best (and certified) Jira consultants

As well as extensive hands-on experience (15+years) across the company, five of our experts are Atlassian and Jira certified, holding 9 certifications between them, each of which requires deep technical knowledge, proven by proctored exams, independently run and overseen by Atlassian.

We deliver reliably and to best practice

Faster and better line of support for your Jira by Atlassian questions

A Gold Solutions Partner status will also allow our consultants to access faster and more targeted lines of support, technical resources and latest updates for your Jira software, direct from Atlassian.

Delivering value early and continuously

Cost-effective review of teams and organisations’ Jira by Atlassianlicence costs

Make your Jira and all Atlassian product purchase hassle free - Atlassian requires payment in USD$ via credit card where as we invoice you in AUD$ and can provide extended trials with our partnership status.

Cost-effective review of teams and organisations’ Atlassian licence costs

Delivering value early and continuously with Jira

We've customised and deployed Jira to deliver highly visible workflow solutions that can be configured to do almost anything from providing asset management, risk registers, workflow and delivery transparency, CRMs and more that are standalone or integrated into existing Power BI ecosystem.

Jira Expert Team

Jira by Atlassian in action

We are proud to be the Jira Expert and Partner of Choice in Perth for many businesses who are looking to:


We helped the Rio Tinto AutoHaul™team to utilise Jira Software’s powerful Planning and Management tools to increase visibility for both internal team members and external stake holders for burst capability to help them stay on schedule.

RIG Techonlogies international

We reviewed, advised and customised JIRA to support RIG in managing product development from R&D phase through to use in the field; provide cross project visibility and single point of prioritisation; as well as manage their assets and maintenance.

arc logo

As Jira Experts in Perth, Interfuze was approached to mentor and support Arc Infrastructure's technology group as they worked to mature their project delivery process from one based upon Excel and Waterfall to Jira and Agile.

Don't just take our word for it...our clients explain why we are the Jira Experts in Perth

Cait LenihanSpecialist Employee ExperienceRoy Hil

Cait Lenihan
Specialist Employee Experience
Roy Hil

"[The Interfuze] team were a pleasure to deal with. Extremely responsive to a fast paced environment, and evolving brief. They listen, take on feedback and provide realistic solutions."

Grzegorz UrbanowiczSenior Systems EngineerRio Tinto

Grzegorz Urbanowicz
Senior Systems Engineer
Rio Tinto

"The partnership between Interfuze and AutoHaul was great. We were able to move away from emails and Excel to a highly visible workflow and planning roadmap that has made things more efficient and easier to manage. This then flowed to PowerBI reporting with real time data."

Darren PalmentGeneral ManagerRIG Technologies

Darren Palmer
General Manager
RIG Technologies

"The Interfuze team were able to adapt the Atlassian products to our needs in a well defined and executed project, and set us up to be self supported and adaptable as our business changes."

Interfuze Team

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