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"Cutting through the data hype" - our data and insights service promise!

Ten years ago, Harvard Business Review dubbed data science as the “sexiest job of the 21st century.”

We all know that data can open up possibilities and opportunities - when 'done' right.

That's why our data services focus is not on the hype of machine learning and AI but on making sure - first and foremost - that a plan for the delivery, the administration and control of data in an organisation exists!

Our data and insights offerings

The Interfuze Data and Insights service promise to "cut through the hype" and focus on robust, sustainable and cost-effective delivery, aligned to an organisational roadmap.

Data advisory & consultation

Data advisory & consultation

Good data starts with a plan and great governance!

To get value from data and insights (ROI), we believe an organisation needs a roadmap for the delivery of data and the supporting capabilities required.

These will combine to ensure quality exists throughout the data life cycle, along with appropriate controls to ensure long-term sustainability.

Our data advisory and consultation offerings include data maturity assessment and architecture to support people and organisational journey.

Data delivery (visualisation)

Data delivery (visualisation)

Right tool, right price,
right time

Data, integration and visualisation requires the right tools for the right time or phase of an organisational data journey.

Our years of experience shows we can support our customers with their current tools whilst also effectively preparing for a transformative data journey.

Our data delivery (visualisation) service will support our customers with the data tools they have now, which will be innovated to match an approved people and organisational journey.

Data delivery (insights)

Data delivery (insights)

Delivering value obtained through the use of analytics

Once the plan for the delivery, the administration and control of data in an organisation exists and is implemented, we assist our clients to gain data insights from their data visualisation tools. Data insights provide valuable and actionable information derived from analysing and interpreting large a mounts of data.

Our data delivery (insights) service can reveal patterns, relationships, and trends that are not easily noticeable in raw data, providing organisations with valuable insights into their ongoing performance.

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