Organisational visibility for all teams, with hassle-free licensing

Organisational visibility for all teams, with hassle-free licensing

Atlassians’ Jira and Confluence can empower your teams to plan and track work, and organise ideas, content, and files to manage agile, standard waterfall projects, providing exceptional visibility, saving time and helping you deliver more outcomes, services and results.

In addition, as an Atlassian Gold Partner, we at Interfuze Consulting can ensure that licensing for any Atlassian products can be purchased in Australian dollars, using a PO system that suits your agency's processes.

Jira and Confluence:
Powerful solutions for all teams

Jira Software

Jira Software

Jira Software helps all teams to plan, track, launch and report on their activities - whether that’s for software product development or content marketing.

Jira Work Management

Jira Work Management

Designed for marketing, HR, finance, and other business teams - collaborate and work the way you want with Jira Work Management.



Collaborate across teams and departments in a secure online workplace that’s easy to build and use but powerful for organising information.

Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management

Empower all teams to deliver great customer service with a help desk and online request system that’s easy to manage and use.

Atlassian for agency success

Atlassian tools offer solutions to help WA government agencies achieve organisational success. Here are some of the ways that we have or can configure Jira and Confluence to support this:

Better workflow management and visibility

Jira and Confluence provide visibility on where things are at, who’s working on them and governance and stage gates in processes where needed.

Automation of tasks and processes

Jira Cloud provides templates and automations for a range of teams including Marketing, HR and Software Developers. These enable cost effective replacement of manual processes, providing more efficient ways of working and information that’s primed and ready for data analysis and insights.

Collaborative, secure and faster information sharing

Quickly capture, organise, store and disseminate information and knowledge across your agency through the use of Confluence, Jira Work Management and Jira Service Management.

Supporting the digital transformation of WA public sector

The easiest way for your agency to create powerful, transformative applications, securely, at scale, is with the use of Jira Workflow Management, Jira Service Management and Confluence.

One connected tool for all your reporting, recording and auditing needs

Atlassian’s products provide highly visible workflow solutions that can be configured to do almost anything - from asset management, risk registers, workflow and delivery transparency, CRMs and more - that are standalone or integrated into your current PowerBI ecosystem.

Atlassian complimentary consult to enhance or kick off your Jira and Confluence journey

As a WA Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, we at Interfuze have worked with various State government departments and agencies to help their teams collaborate more effectively and visibly.

We invite you to access our deep knowledge of Atlassian products to get the best value, use and return on investment of your Atlassian tools, via our initial free one hour consultation to discuss popular topics of:

Licensing services

Make your Atlassian product purchase hassle free - Atlassian requires payment in USD$ via credit card whereas we invoice you in AUD$ using a PO system and can provide extended trials with our partnership status.


We have deep experience in server to cloud migrations and can assist with planning, licensing or a complete end to end service. If you have a complex set up that needs custom development we can do that for you too.

More on our Atlassian Cloud Migration Service


Our experienced Atlassian, agile and business consultants will be able to set up Atlassian products out of the box to suit your teams’ needs.


If your teams require extra functionality, our expert Atlassian consultants will be able to suggest and then test and implement a plugin from the marketplace or create direct customisation.


We offer training in your Atlassian instance to help with a successful adoption and best use of your Atlassian products.


As a Gold Atlassian Partner, we are also able to escalate issues and questions faster if we cannot resolve it immediately ourselves.

More on our Atlassian Gold Solutions Partner offering

Return on investment

Customisations to Jira & Confluence can provide cost effective & rich solutions to digitising business processes or as an application to manage items with a lifecycle e.g. assets. This enables a wide range of solutions from a single licence fee.

Atlassian success with Interfuze

Department of Local Governent, Sport and Cultural Industries

“The project worked amazingly. Working exactly as expected and no problems” “I don’t think Interfuze could have done a better job"

Peter Ogden, Project Manager
Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

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Government of Western Australia

“Interfuze made the configuration and rollout of our new government extranet “GLORIA” a breeze. They were organised, capable, responsive and took real ownership in helping us push GLORIA into production.”

Christie van Peype
Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

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